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29.06.2023 Кърджали , „Петър Ралчев и приятели“

Български фолклор и съвременна норвежка музика се срещат в Кърджали Световноизвестният акордеонист идва в Кърджали с концерта „Петър Ралчев и […]
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August 8-14, 2021 Copenhagen Guitar Festival

Bulgarian participation in the Copenhagen Guitar Festival. The ninth edition of the Guitar Festival took place in Copenhagen on August […]

2012 - Accordionist Petar Ralchev with a concert in the First Studio of the Bulgarian National Radio

The Bulgarian National Radio and the Folk Music Orchestra are pleased to invite you to the anniversary concert of the […]

Festival Ionica Minune - Petar Ralchev

Festivalul Ionica Minune - Petar Ralchev
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