THE MASTER OF THE IMPROVISATION & Rhythm & ornamentation


Peter Ralchev laid the beginning of a new style in Bulgarian folklore instrumental music and exerted great influence on its development. With marvelous mastery he performs Bulgarian folklore as well as classical pieces, French musettes, Serbian, Romanian and other instrumental pieces characteristic of accordion. He is included in the book "History of Accordion" published in France in 1991 by Francois Billard and Didier Roussin.

Since 1986 he plays with "Trakiisti", a quintet of Bulgarian folk music, playing original and traditional compositions. He received a prize as a soloist at the authoritative folklore festival in Stambolovo.

In 1991 he toured the major U.S. cities with "Bulgari",a quintet performing traditional Bulgarian folk music. During this tour, they played in the Smithsonian Institute, the library of Congress in Washington and also a 30 minutes broadcast on the Voice of America, amongst other things Mr. Raichev also held extensive seminars at the Centre for East-European Studies in Eugene, Washington, teaching Bulgarian music. In Canada he has performeci in Vancouver and in the International Accordion Festival of Montmagny in Quebec and Montreal, during the summers of 1991-92 which was broadcasted live by CBC. He has also played in Germany, Hungary and Russia.

In 1995 he produced the last album in, 1996 he was on a three-month in Germany as a conductor of a male choir which performed Orthodox songs. During the period 1996-1998 he realized four tours as a guest soloist of the folk -jazz orchestra of Stiyan Karstensen who is also an accordionist-jazzman at the invitation of "Osio Konserthus" in Norway. He participated in concerts,seminars where he taught Bulgarian folklore and festivals.

In 1999 the producing of the CD on himself own lies before him.
At the moment Mr. Ralchev participates as guest soloist in different projects.
Zig Zag Trio is his new project with Stoyan Yankoulov und Ateshghan Juseinov.

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